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Weather Forecast for Las Cruces, NM
The Las Cruces Channel (LCC98)
The Official Local TV Station for Las Cruces.
We broadcast both on Comcast Channel 98
and 'Live' on the Internet on
Saturday and Sunday mornings,
from 9:00am until 12:00pm
and Weekdays 6-7 pm.

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Live on the Internet

**New shows to check out**
1. Viva Las Cruces-Sun@ 12:00noon
2. Voter's ChoiceThurs@ 6:30, Sun@ 11:30pm
3. LCTALK TV-Sat@ 10:00am, Sun@ 11:30am
Mon@ 6:30pm
4. Connie Martinson
    Talks Books-
Thur@ 6:00pm
Guest: Bishop Oscar Cantú.

Bishop Oscar Cantú talks about the Diocese of Las Cruces Foundation's 24th Annual Charity 'Golf Scramble' at Sonoma Ranch Golf Course.

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      The Las Cruces Channel (LCC98), Comcast Cable Television 98, serves the people of Las Cruces, New Mexico.   We are dedicated making it quick and easy to broadcast to both cable television and Internet TV audiences.

      Watch LCC98 on Comcast cable to discover our enchanted city.   Local people entertaining local people.   See what businesses and organizations are doing to better serve you.    Watch LCC98 to find out the best dining and nightlife in the town, local sports, health, pets and much more!

      You now have real power to use TV and Internet broadcasting to promote your business or event.

      Meet your neighbors on The Las Cruces Channel.   It's all here.

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